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12 gorgeous shades of nude nail polishes

12 gorgeous shades of nude nail polishes for less visible chips

Don’t you hate it when chips start to show on your manicure? I certainly do. I’ve noticed however that the littlest chips are way more visible when you wear dark nail polish. So I’m suggesting 12 gorgeous shades of nude nail polishes that provide the advantage of not showing small chips so much.

With work and taking care of the kids, I’m sure your weekdays are already too short as it is. So touch-ups on your mani are probably far down on your priorities list.

Plus, spring has arrived (even though we tend to forget with the crappy weather we’ve been having). And while we may not feel like wearing light-colored clothes quite yet, we can certainly lighten-up the color of our mani!


With the humongous variety of colors available among the multiple brands of nail polishes on the market, it becomes hard to choose the right shade. And don’t you hate it when you buy a nail polish that ends up in your drawer because the color isn’t right for your skin? Or is simply not what you had imagined?

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We tend to try to match our nail polish with the color range we wear. While that is a good idea, the most flattering results will depend first on finding the right shades for your skin tone.

I chose 12 shades that offer a variety of pure nudes, nude-greys and nude-pinks. At that point I’m using the term ‘nude’ as in ‘soft and light colors’. In addition, you’ll find my advice on which skin tones work best with each shade. That way you can pick a nail polish that’s optimal for you!


Modern Love:  This brownish-beige provides light coverage. It can be worn with 2 coats but if you like an opaque finish, you’ll want to apply a third coat. Skin Tones: Fair to medium.

I’m Too Sexy:  A beautiful light nude that provides a full and opaque coverage with only 2 coats. Skin Tones: Tanned fair skin to medium.

Naked:  For best results, this very sheer true beige lacquer — yellow-based color — needs 3 coats. If you have a preference for discrete nail colors at work, this one is for you. Skin Tones: Medium to dark.

Cake By The Ocean:  Gorgeous very opaque peachy-pink lacquer. 2 coats easily provide full coverage. Skin Tones: Fair to medium.


Topless And Barefoot:  A medium coverage lacquer that needs 3 coats for best results (as with most Essie shades). This color is actually very similar to ‘I’m too sexy’, but has a slight darker note to it. Skin Tones: Tanned fair skin to medium.

Without A Stitch:  I really like this color for spring! You’ll need 3 coats to get full coverage. Skin tones: Fair, medium and dark.

Wild Nude:  This is a great nude-beige. Not too light, nor too dark. Here again, it’s better to apply 3 coats to get a nice finish. Skin tones: Medium to dark.

Master Plan:  Here’s a grey tint that’s got character, without being too dark. Apply 3 coats to get to a uniform color. Skin tones: Fair to medium.


Romper Room:  This is a classic pinkish-white. Since it’s quite sheer, you’ll need to apply 3 coats. Skin tones: Fair to medium.

Mod About You:  Here is a true summer pink! It’s quite opaque, so only 2 coats are needed. Skin tones: Fair skin with a bronzy glow to medium.

Minimalistic:  Similar to ‘Romper Room’, however this one has no white in it. 3 coats are needed to get the full color. Skin tones:  Fair to medium.

Fiji:  One of my personal favorites for summer. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of years now. I can’t seem to find another lacquer that has just the right dose of pink like this one. 2 coats are plenty to provide a nice opaque look. Skin tones: Fair to medium.

Hope these 12 gorgeous shades of nude nail polishes will inspire you to pick the right color next time you find yourself in front of a full wall of nail polish colors!

Was this helpful? Any beauty info you’re having a hard time finding? Let me know below!! Always love to get your feedback!

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  1. Melanie

    Sometimes I like to mix 2 different shades one over the other. I do the same with my lipsticks and for some reason you get the perfect match 😉

  2. Elizabeth Auwarter

    This is great! I think my favorite is Cake by the Ocean!

  3. Martha Morrice

    Definitely one of my favourites as well!

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