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40 Shirts and Tops to Make you Stylishly Stand Out at Work

Are you on the lookout to find great shirts and tops to fit in with your fall work outfits? I know I’m always tempted to shop for a few new pieces when it’s time to switch wardrobe to a new season. You know, to add a bit of excitement to the ever-recurring question “What will I wear this morning?”

I especially shop for shirts and tops since these are the pieces that get worn out more quickly with the frequent washes and dry cleaning. After a couple of years they tend to get a bit dull — whites become grey or yellowed, colors appear faded, and fabrics lose their shape.

But finding the right tops for work outfits can be a bit tricky.

I love to wear crewneck sweaters and turtlenecks — they’re so comfortable! — but they need to fit neatly. Otherwise they look too casual and don’t match well with a skirt. I also like them to be washable and not too warm.

The perfect classic button-up white shirt — a must in a professional woman’s wardrobe — somehow seems to be very hard to find. Finding the right combination of quality fabric, great cut, not too pricy shirt, is not so easy.

When it comes to price, I don’t like to spend too much on blouses and tops. I prefer to put more money on quality items like pants, skirts and blazers.

But trust me, I’m a pro at finding good deals, and there’s always a great find to be made!

So, inspired by my recent post on this fall’s fashion trends, I’ve rounded up a combination of white shirts, blouses, sweaters and turtlenecks, in a variety of colors, patterns and prices, to ease your task of hunting for the right workwear tops.

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Hope you’ll make some great finds! (Note that all prices are in Canadian dollars.)


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Button-up Shirts

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