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5 things you can do to stand out at work
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5 Things You Can Do To Stand Out At Work

You want your boss to notice your work and your professionalism? Here are 5 things you can do to stand out at work among the rest of the team.

1. Deliver it on time  
When setting the date for submitting a report or completing a project, make sure you can meet that deadline. And ideally you pick a date which will allow you to complete the work a bit ahead of time. By not meeting your deadline you undermine the relationship of trust with your boss. Always remember to apply the business principle ‘Under promise — Over deliver’. A boss always appreciates knowing he can count on an employee to deliver as promised.

2. Bring solutions, not just problems
A problem or an issue arises and you have to see your boss to discuss what to do next? Come up with a plan or a couple of solution ideas before you go see your boss with the problem. This shows you have a certain level of autonomy and a good understanding of the business.

3. Understand what the expectations are
Due to time constraints at work, people often don’t take the time to sit down to discuss every request.  Your boss will take the opportunity to talk to you when you pass each other in the hall or will quickly pass by your office and tell you in a few words what he needs. Then you’ll start thinking about how you’ll go about executing that request and will probably realise you need clarifications. Don’t hesitate to ask questions right from the start to understand clearly what his expectations are for the content of the document. You want to avoid submitting your report only to realise it is not what your boss wanted. 

4. Provide flawless documents
There is a good chance that once you’ve submitted your final report or analysis to your boss, he will want to present it to his boss. Since you don’t always know ahead of time, prepare as if this is the case. So your document should meet these criteria:

5. Transfer information/news to your boss
When reading trade magazines or learning about new information in your field of work, always have in mind your boss’ needs. Think about the type of information he wants to be aware of when discussing with his boss. Just a quick email transfer with a few words about this new information will do the trick and will often be very useful for a manager. 


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