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6 Makeup Tricks To Brighten Up Tired Eyes

Wouldn’t we all love to wake up every morning feeling beautifully rested? Getting that eight hours beauty sleep is not always attainable. The result: red, small, tired eyes.

Finishing up chores in the house, answering emails, playing on the mobile or simply getting caught up in that great TV series. Let’s be honest! Sleeping is not always our priority. We don’t always get the hours of sleep we should to look and feel rested. Fortunately, there is makeup! When applied correctly, it can really do magic and fake a long good night sleep.

My 6 makeup tricks to help brighten up your tired eyes

Trick #1: Conceal
Applying concealer is perhaps something you already do to get rid of tired eyes. However, if you don’t want to end up looking like a raccoon, color and application are very important.

Choose a concealer that’s right for your complexion. Normally, it should be one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Instead of layering tons of product, apply little dots of concealer under the eye creating a V shape. Then, with your finger or a sponge, blend the product really close to your lower lash line. Extend downward to your upper cheek and close to the bridge of your nose. This technique attracts the light and plumps up your under eye area that tends to deepen when tired. If you are a CC Cream or foundation lover like me, do this step first and then conceal. The brightening effect will be more visible on top, yet natural looking if diffused appropriately.

V Shape Example 

Tired eyes

Trick #2: Highlight

Add a champagne or beige shimmering eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes and the brow bone. This will help your eyes pop and instantly look more awake as the eyeshadow attracts light and creates more volume. Avoid glittery white or silver eyeshadows. They show too much and don’t look as natural. Don’t forget to first put on eyeshadow primer if you want the shadow to last all day.

Trick #3: Define your eyebrows
If there is one thing I rarely skip in my makeup routine it’s my brows. Brows are the frame of your face. Defining them gives an instant lift to your eye look. Although big bushy brows are very in style at the moment, as seen on famous models, it’s not appropriate for all women. In fact, too much brow hair can draw the eyes down. It’s important to have the proper shape and clean the arch. For a natural looking brow, fill them in using an angled brush and a matte brown or taupe eyeshadow. Brush them upward and set them in place with brow gel.

Trick #4: Apply eyeliner
Lining your upper lash line will create more definition giving the illusion of a fuller lash line. Instead of using the traditional black liner that’s more intense, choose a brown or blue eyeliner. Blue colors counteract yellowish tones and brighten up the white of the eyes. Smooth out your line with an angled brush and extend it slightly upwards to create that lift enhancement. Also, try nude or beige eyeliner to line the inner lower rim of the eyes. You’ll notice how the white of your eyes looks brighter.

Trick #5: Curl your lashes and apply mascara
Have you ever tried an eyelash curler before? It’s an essential part of my makeup kit I wouldn’t live without. Curling your lashes creates a more open and lifted eye look. Place curler very close to the lash line and move upward giving small pulses. Already, your eyes will look bigger and more awake. Complete the opening effect by adding mascara. If you’re feeling a little more daring, try blue mascara for extra brightness.

Trick #6: Warm-up your complexion with blush and bronzing powder
Taking the focus off your eyes and brightening certain areas of your face is a good trick to awaken that sleep-deprived appearance. Don’t you love that sun-kissed glow we get when coming back from vacation? Warming up your complexion with a natural bronzer and rosy blush will give you a brighter and healthier overall look.

Follow these tricks and you’ll not only look more awake, you’ll reflect a brighter you.

Mel xx

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