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feeling drowsy after lunch

7 Tips to Avoid Feeling Drowsy After Lunch

Feeling drowsy after lunch can be quite unpleasant when you need to concentrate on your work or follow a meeting’s discussion. You know that feeling when you’re fighting to keep your eyes open and your head from falling down?

When that happens to me, I wish I could just hide somewhere for a ten minute snooze. Unfortunately that’s not possible in our office. And chances are most of you don’t have access to a nap room either.

All experts agree that feeling a little tired after eating is normal—since your body needs to consume energy to digest. But you can avoid that heavier feeling of drowsiness by following this advice.


1  Pay Attention to Your Breakfast
According to Wikihow not eating enough at breakfast or skipping it all together can increase drowsiness. You’ll be likely to eat more when comes lunchtime, which will require more energy to digest. Start your day with the right level of energy by eating healthy foods with protein—for example whole grain bread with peanut butter or scrambled eggs.

2  Drink Lots of Water
A Journal of Nutrition study suggests that mild dehydration can cause fatigue. I found different opinions on the recommended daily water intake, but they all vary between 8 to 15 glasses (cups) per day. The added bonus is that you’ll need to get up regularly to go to the water cooler.

3  Exercise
After lunch, go for a walk outside. A little exercise will help stimulate your energy level.

4  Eat a Healthy Lunch
AVOID processed food with high flour and sugar content: white bread, french fries, regular pasta, muffins, cake, etc.
CHOSE complex carbohydrates with lean protein: wholewheat bread, wholewheat pasta, quinoa, vegetables, leafy greens like spinach and kale, chickpeas, tuna, eggs, chicken breast, tofu, etc.

5  Go Light on Portions
Eat a light meal. You should not feel ‘stuffed’ when you’re done. Eating too much will take more energy to digest and is more likely to make you feel sleepy in the afternoon. One way to do it is to eat small portions but more often throughout the day—about every 3 hours.

6  Get a Good Night Sleep
If you often have a feeling of drowsiness after lunch, pay attention to the amount of sleep you get. Not sleeping enough—e.g. less than 7-8 hours a night—can accentuate drowsiness the following day.

7  Avoid Alcohol
Avoid drinking beer or wine.

To healthy and energized afternoons ahead!

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