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9 spring fashion trends to refresh your work wardrobe

Are you ladies in need of some spring fashion trends to refresh your work wardrobe?

You’ll find everything you need here. Incorporate some of these pieces into your closet and you’ll be trending your way into the season in confidence and style!

Plus, to complete this post’s tips and tricks on how to wear these trends to the office, you can see it all in pictures here: Pinterest/MarthasWorkshop Spring/Summer 2018 Trends


1. Wear a scarf in your hair or with a blazer

Accessorize, accessorize! One of the best ways to look polished is to add accessories to complete your look. This year, scarves are definitely making a come back.

  • Wrap a folded scarf around your ponytail or bun
  • Fold a small scarf to make a knot around your neck.
  • Use a medium size scarf to wear around your neck with a classic-cut blazer.

2. Experience classic white in a midi skirt or pants

There’s no better way to get into the spirit of spring/summer than by wearing white. And white is so easy to match. Combine your piece with a dark top or blazer of any color, and the result is sure to be classy and stylish!

3. Get the corporate look with a double-breasted blazer

I love the fact that double-breasted blazers are back in fashion! Whether in a straight line or a sleek fitted cut, a double-breasted blazer says, “I’m a strong woman”.

Find which line is best for your figure. This is one of the easiest spring fashion trends to wear to the office. Nice on everyone, at every age!

4. Go for a pastel suit

If you feel like daring a bit this season, buy a pastel suit. Lilac, pink, yellow and green pastels are in vogue.

Your blazer will also be great to match with blue or white jeans. Perfect mix for your casual Friday looks!

5. Make a statement with a floral print blouse

Flowers are definitely predominant in this years’ spring fashion trends. A floral dress might not be the best idea for the workplace. However, a floral blouse is fun to wear and won’t look out-of-place. Style it with a bottom that matches one of the blouse’s dominant colors.

6. Buy something red

Give a kick to some of your outfits by wearing a red pencil skirt, blazer or pants. It’s easy. The color does it.

Simply match your red piece with black, navy blue or white. It feels nice to stand out a bit sometimes. Trust me, you’ll feel energized and confident. I often get many compliments when I wear red at work.

7. Mix gold bangles

Gold-finish jewelry is still ‘in’ this year. For a sharp effect, complete your outfit by wearing a mix of 2-3 different styles of gold bangles on one wrist.

8. Dare with big colorful earrings

Want to look professional AND stylish? Match big colorful earrings with a conservative, classic slim-cut blazer. A solid color silk blouse will also be a good fit. It’s chic, feminine, and totally work appropriate!

9. Throw on a long trench coat

This trend is an obvious choice for the working woman. Worn with a heel, it will add that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ — sure to make you look and feel, sharp, elegant and confident!

So there you have it. Enjoy and celebrate spring arrival!
nd be sure to discover these trends in pictures on Pinterest/MarthasWorkshop Spring/Summer 2018 Trends.

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