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I wish to inspire you to lead a fulfilling work life and to become the best version of yourself!
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My Profile

My first passion in life was classical ballet, an art that taught how much hard work is essentiel to achieving your dreams. Although I could have chosen a career as a ballet dancer, I decided I loved too many facets of life and continued on to College to get a Business degree. Since then I’ve been working in the energy sector where I’ve had the chance to fill many roles as lead contract negotiator, manager and project manager — all this time in a man dominated field. So I’ve learned a thing or two (and am still learning) about the challenges women face in their work environment.

Hopefully this blog will become a forum where you will feel free to take part in exchanging your thoughts, challenges, knowledge and experience, so that we can all enrich our lives at work.

My Work Life Reality

I work in a corporate environment, and as it is part of any workplace, I face all sorts of situations that present challenges, some good, some more difficult. But I happen to think that the way you address these small and bigger challenges – or sometimes don’t …- can have a big impact on the outcome and on your general satisfaction at work. I strongly believe that there is always a solution or a choice to be made, and you have to find the will to act.

My Style Motto

Style is always in!”. What we wear is an expression of who we are and has a pretty big influence on how we feel about ourselves and how we are perceived by others.

Although a business environment mostly requires proper professional attire, I like to bring some spark to my looks. Like you, I do not have an endless budget allowing me to run to the store every time I’m missing the ideal piece to make my kit look nicer. But having followed fashion and what’s in style forever, it’s been natural for me to mix and match what I have in my closet, and to adapt my work outfits to look current. IT IS possible to look professional, sharp and stylish all at once!

Some of my Favorite Sayings

«Having the right attitude is key.»
«Everything you want in this world is just right outside your comfort zone.»

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