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Survey Are women sufficiently supportive of other women
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Are Women Supportive of Other Women?

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Today I am conducting a little survey…asking for YOUR thoughts.

The idea came when I read an interesting article by Judith Rodin (President at The Rockefeller Foundation) talking about the urgent need to achieve gender parity in the workplace. She underlines how more women are needed in the top-level positions of leadership in every sector – e.g. as CEOs. And how companies would benefit since “…diversity drives success by bringing different perspectives to bear on the world’s greatest challenges.”

Judith Rodin also touches on the recent US election and the historic progress made by Hillary Clinton. But sadly notes how the gender bias issues that emerged in the campaign along the way – like what a leader should “look” like and how the media covers gender – demonstrate that there are still challenges to be overcome. The Rockefeller Foundation recently conducted an analysis on how male and female CEOs are covered in the media and the results unfortunately confirm that women in leadership are treated differently than men.

ALL THIS GOT ME THINKING…How come women did not vote in an overwhelmingly large proportion for Hillary Clinton? Especially with the other male candidate having a track record of degrading women…
An article from The Telegraph states that women did not support Hillary Clinton any differently than they supported Obama in the 2012 election.

No. 1: Are women generally supportive of a woman holding a high-level position? Or do they on the contrary, tend to be more critical?
My answer: Unfortunately I believe the second statement is closer to the truth.

No. 2: Do women in high-level positions naturally tend to pay attention and support promissing women in lower positions?
My answer: I haven’t witnessed nearly enough of that behavior in my environment over the years.

Now don’t get me wrong, we ARE starting to see more and more amazingly great initiatives that aim to help women gain higher positions in the workplace. One of them being “L’Académie L’effet A“. A 100-day development program in Canada aiming to empower young women to be ambitious and reach for higher career goals. And there are many many more of course.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT…I just think all women need to be conscious of the work that remains to be done. We need every woman holding a high management position in a company to do what she can to transfer some of her experiences and lessons learned to help promote younger women to the top. AND we individually need to be aware of our own attitude towards other women succeeding in the professional world. Are we supportive enough? Do we even sometimes contribute to gender bias?

I would love to hear your opinion about this subject.
Any thoughts on my 2 questions?
Simply write a comment below or send me your comment through the About/Contact section. I will later share results with you.

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