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traditional rules of management

Today’s Top CEOs Are Breaking Companies’ Traditional Rules of Management

emergency kit for the office

My Emergency Kit for the Office

After lunch you realize your shirt is stained, or you just ruined your stocking and a meeting with your boss is coming up. You have plans to meet some friends after work and need to refresh before you leave. The air conditioning starts to ramp up and you’re suddenly freezing. We deal with a lot of small unexpected surprises in our day-to-day reality at work. Why not avoid the stress and already have the solutions at hand ?
working moms are great assets to companies

Reasons why working moms are great assets to companies

I started to think about the challenges working moms face on a day-to-day basis, and realized they need quite a few abilities to maneuver both the day job and the job at home. Then I took a look at how these abilities translate in the workplace and thought, there is no wonder working moms are great assets to companies. Have a look at these abilities, it's impressive!

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