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If a website can really facilitate my life and help me be more efficient at a task, I am all for it. So many useful websites exist that we don’t know of. Yet it can be a challenge to find the right ones out of the enormous amount the Internet has to offer. I will normally stick with a website that not only serves a useful purpose but I also look for it to be well structured, tastefully designed and easy to use.

So I went on a search looking for a diverse range of websites that meet these criteria. Covering matters of interest like your kids, health, work, entertainment, house renovation and fashion, here they are.

1. Kids In The House provides an impressive quantity of information about parenting and education. It features more than 8,000 short videos from parenting experts with advice on specific topics and answers to questions. The site is easy to navigate, offering for example a menu comprised of every step of a child’s life so you can directly go to the section relevant to your kid (e.g. toddler, elementary, teen, etc.). You can even send in your question to get an answer from one of their experts.

2. RateMDs allows you to consult patients’ satisfaction level from a database covering over 2 million doctors, practicing in Canada, the United States, England and more.  Why not have a look before planning an appointment with a new doctor! Of course it also allows you to add your own appreciation after visiting your doctor.

3. Kiva helps entrepreneurs from around the world in need of money to grow their business find people ready to lend as little as $25. 1.6 million people have already made a loan on Kiva. You can choose to help a woman or pick another specific category like health or education and so on. The loan repayment rate is at 97 %.

4. EWG is for the Environmental Working Group. As a non-profit organization, their mission is “to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment.” I personnaly like to consult their ‘Skin Deep Cosmetics Database’ which rates the toxicity of more than 70,000 beauty products. They also post regularly on a great variety of subjects. For example they just published results from a wide study on the quality of drinking water people have access to in different parts of the United States, adding interesting recommendations on which water filters to use.

5. Have a look at the list put together by Lifehack. Out of the 29 suggested useful websites, I thought these 5 were pretty cool:

  • #4 – Livestream – A platform that allows you to broadcast or watch an event live. For example if you want to enable a group of employees to follow a meeting live from a remote location.
  • #5 – scr.im – If you’re surfing a lot on the Web you may like this quick and easy tool that will shorten your email address to a smaller URL version, in order to prevent getting your email id picked up by spam robots.
  • #8 – Snopes – In the cool category, this site fairs quite well. Snopes is the place to go when you want to check some information to find out if it’s of urban legend material or if it’s for real.
  • #18 – Privnote – Will automatically self destruct information once it is read by the person you sent it to.
  • #20 – TripIt – Organize all the information about your vacation or business trip in one place.

6. Netflixable is making your life easier when you want to know what’s new on Netflix. I will certainly appreciate this tool! It will give you a complete movie list and TV show listing of new releases to Netflix Canada, Netflix USA and many more countries. Bookmark the “New Movie Releases” and “New TV Show Releases” pages and check back for what’s new.

7. Mental Floss is one of the cool websites I would describe as fitting in an entertainment/learning category. You will learn all sorts of interesting facts and useful information (or not so useful but just fun to discover) that will touch on a hodgepodge of categories like History, Food, Travel, Your pet, Architecture, and so on.

8. RenoQuotes (for Canada) and HomeAdvisor (for the United States) help you find a contractor for any type of renovation in the house. Home Advisor even has a Cleaning and Made service category.

9. Love that Bag offers a large selection of pre-owned/vintage designer handbags. They have a rigorous process to guarantee the authenticity of each bag. The choice available and price range are wide, and they cleverly present their bags in categories like ‘Still in Stores’, ‘Mint Condition’, ‘Monogram’, ‘Under $500’.

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