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Dressing Your Age – Is That Still Relevant?

Are there clothes we should stop wearing after 30? Then even more clothes we shouldn’t be wearing after 40 and 50?

I still hear women asking that question.  And some magazines like to propose fashion items to women based on their age group. However I personnaly find many of the items they recommend are in fact interchangeable between the age groups.

There is much less of a consensus on the subject today than there used to be decades ago. My mother used to be very conscious about that principle when she shopped for herself. But women’s place in society has evolved quite a bit since our mothers and grandmothers’ time. Plus, we have access to a much greater variety of clothing than they did.

Dressing your age is not a rule I agree with and I do not apply it.
I do not believe you should stop wearing short skirts because you just turned 40 or stop wearing tight jeans because you are now 50. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR BODY TYPE AND YOUR OWN STYLE. Some women in their 30s should not be wearing short skirts, while some in their 40s will still look great in them.

Only one criteria applies — WEAR WHAT FITS YOU WELL — And that is true for all ages!
Long hair fits you well? Don’t cut it. Wear clothes that advantage your body type. Of course at some point when our legs are not to our taste, we will skip the mini-skirt — and when our arms become a bit saggy we’ll feel prettier wearing long sleeves. But these changes may apply very differently from one woman to another. It should be based on our body types.

Don’t stick to the size you’ve been used to buying. Take the size that makes you look good. Take the habit of trying 2 different sizes to compare and make sure you pick the one that’s most flattering to your silhouette. Even if you’re a 30 year-old, it’s not a good idea to buy a blouse that looks like it’s too small because you want to look sexy (e.g. your boobs pop) — especially in a work environment.  You can be feminine and sexy with clothes that fit you right.

Don’t start changing your clothes to try to look “your age”. Which would mean what…trying to look more conservative? or older? I don’t think so. I certainly plan on continuing to dress with the type of clothes that make me feel like myself. This casual Friday combination is one of my favorite go to outfits.

dressing your age

One good example that comes to mind: some like to wear a track suit or sweat pants and top when travelling by air – I personnaly recommend keeping this look for when you’re at home.

I believe chosing ELEGANCE and FEMINITY over “sexy” may help us decide, as we make our choices along the way.

What do you think? Are there other criteria we should apply? Don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts on the subject!

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  1. Carmen

    Après 50 ans mon corps a changé et je dois avouer que… Je le couvre un peu plus! 😉 Merci de nous guider Sylvie, on applique tous tes bons conseils ici!

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