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Dry shampoo - How to use it and which ones to buy

Dry shampoo – How to use it and which ones to buy

A few years ago, my hairdresser told me to limit washing my hair to about 3 times a week if possible. Otherwise I would risk damaging my hair with too much styling and flat ironing. He recommended that I instead start using dry shampoo in between washes. So I did.

We don’t like to admit we use dry shampoo because we don’t want our friends to think that we have poor hygiene. But when you think about the many advantages – when used once in a while – its use makes perfect sense.

First, it allows you to reduce the number of washes per week which is best for your hair. Second, it absorbs oil from your hair that you do not want to see – your hair will look clean everyday. Thirdly, it can be applied quite easily once you know how to do it. Last but not least, it can be a great savior when you are rushed, either when getting ready for work or for a night out.

After trying different brands, I recommend using the ones that spray on a light powder. The liquid sprays tend to leave a sticky feel to your hair.


Living Proof. Perfect Hair Day, 198 mL / 29$ CA at Sephora.ca and $22 US on Livingproof.com (also available at Sephora.com)
Sprays on a very light powder with a nice subtle scent, very easy to style and leaves your hair feeling clean and soft.

KLORANE – Dry shampoo with nettle, 150 mL / 20$ CA & US / Available at Pharmaprix (regularly on sale for 13$), Jean Coutu and Sephora.com
Sprays on a powder that removes the oil effectively, styles easily, not sticky, odorless.

HOW TO USE IT – Read and follow the instructions on the bottle. In a few words it normally comes down to this:

Shake well.
the product lightly at the roots of your hair where it’s oily.
Let it stand for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Massage with your fingers the areas where you applied the product to blend it in.
Style your hair with a brush and hair dryer and Voilà!


Use it on wet hair – It must only be used on dry hair
Spray too much product
– Spray it on very lightly, you don’t need a lot or you’ll have difficulty styling your hair, it will feel sticky and may add more volume than you want.
Use it too often – Ideally use your dry shampoo once in between each wash. It is not a substitute for standard shampoos! Excessive use can with time deteriorate the health of your scalp by blocking the pores of your hair. Just like when you never let your nails breath in between nail polish applications.

IMPORTANT TIP: Many years ago some friends told me they were using Baby Powder. After using it for a while I noticed that it was actually preventing my hair from growing back in some spots. Not a good feeling! So my recommendation is to use only the products which are specifically made for hair use.

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