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Everyday natural eye makeup

Everyday Natural Eye Makeup Look in 6 Easy Steps

How to achieve a simple everyday natural eye makeup look you ask? I don’t have much time to get ready in the morning. However, I like to look put together and polished when going to work. Makeup helps brighten up my eyes and also gives me that extra boost of confidence when I look in the mirror.

In today’s post, I’ll show you step by step how I achieve my everyday natural eye makeup.


To create this everyday natural eye makeup look, I used the Couture 5 Color Palette from Yves Saint Laurent. This palette combines 5 different eye shadow colors which vary from light, medium to darker shades. Having a palette in your kit really can make your makeup-applying life easier, and is great for travelers. Gives you the freedom to work on the shape of your eyes and emphasize them without having to carry too many products.


Ensure that your eyelids are clean and there is no makeup residue. Apply concealer to camouflage dark circles around the eyes and on the eyelid to even out your skin tone. Already you’ll feel like your eyes are more awake.
TIP: If you have a long day ahead of you, reach for an eye makeup primer to help prevent your makeup from smudging and fading.


Apply a shimmering nude-colored eyeshadow like beige or rosy-peach all over the eyelid. Shimmering colors attract light and instantly illuminate your eyelids.


Apply a mid-tone shade such as light grey to the crease of your eyelid with your blending brush. Blend the color up towards the brow bone to lift-up a heavy fold. Emphasizing the crease of your lid makes your eyes appear larger.
TIP: A great alternative is to use that beautiful bronzer of yours. Sweep a light bronzer through the crease of the eyelid with your blending brush. The earthy nude color of a bronzer creates light dimension without being too intense and blends beautifully with the rest of your complexion.


Illuminate the inner corner of your eyes and the brow bone with a light champagne shade. Highlighting right beneath the brow will accentuate your arch and add height. I call it an instant lift without surgery!


Curl your lashes to make your eyes look bigger.

NOTE: I prefer to curl my lashes before I apply my liner, simply because I want to avoid any smudges in the process. I admit, curling lashes is not easy for everyone, but with a little practice you’ll soon be loving that extra oomph.


Apply your eyeliner and several coats of mascara. Start from the roots of your lashes and wiggle your way to the tips.

TIP: To make my eyelashes look denser, I like to apply black eyeliner to the upper inner rim of my eyes as close as possible to the lash line, so it appears to be part of my natural lash line. This technique fills in any sparse looking lashes. And makes for a more natural look as it appears like you don’t have any eyeliner on. Opt for a pencil that’s softer and creamier, like the Skinny Gel Eyeliner Pencil I talked about in my last post.

To accomplish the perfect winged eyeliner, swipe the tip of your angled brush over the pencil, apply on the lash line and then work your way towards the corner of your eyes by extending the line outwards. If you’re in a rush, you can always skip the liner!

Finally, don’t be afraid to play around with the steps and adapt them to your liking!

Mel xx

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