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Fall Trends For The Career Woman By L’Essentiel par MF

I had the pleasure of interviewing Marie-France Tremblay, entrepreneur/owner of L’Essentiel par MF. A private clothing boutique for women, set in Old Montreal. While it has a variety of styles that will answer a wide variety of women’s needs, the private service concept will also perfectly suit the busy professional woman. You’ll see why below. And with fall calling for a switch of wardrobe, it was a good timing to ask Marie-France what fall trends could upgrade our workwear looks.

But first let me tell you a bit about her boutique concept, which – as someone who does not have much time to spare — I find brilliant.


fall trends

A few years ago, with 20 years under her belt working as a stylist for different designers, Marie-France decided to start her own business. Part of the concept being to offer her clients a personalized and luxurious shopping experience.

L’Essentiel par MF serves one client at a time, on an appointment basis. You get to shop in a roomy and spacious loft, which creates a calm and inspiring atmosphere. About 20 different brands are sold, varying from casual/chic, to professional, to evening wear (she even sells full-length evening gowns). Accessories like scarves, handbags, shoes and jewelry are also available.

A lady customer who was present when I interviewed Marie-France summarized  it for me like this: “Every season, I buy pretty much everything I need here to complete my wardrobe. Really… everything except maybe for my underwear…“.

And of course you get Marie-France and her team’s full devotion and advice. Helping you create looks that mix and match, to provide optimum value. « I’m even able to make some of my seasonal purchases with specific clients in mind. Since with time, I get to know what they have in their closet and what’s missing to fill the gaps. My clients really appreciate this! », says Marie-France.

L’Essentiel carries many brands exclusively in Canada. Like Fabiana Filippi White and Black Labels, Liviana Conti, Edward Achour, Tonet and Delage handbags.

Seems like today, with women’s demanding schedules — trying to balance career with family demands – saving time is precious. So reducing shopping time — no waiting in line to try on clothes or to pay, finding it all or almost in one single place — while getting quality products and personalized service, is hard to beat. It looks like Marie-France had the right vision. Add her exquisite taste, her passion and bubbly personality, no wonder her business is a success and growing!


There are many fall trends that can be incorporated in a professional woman’s work outfits. As Marie-France explains, “buy items like high waist pants, a velvet suit, or blouses with bell sleeves or neck details (like a tie neck blouse). Mixing patterns and prints is also a great way to make you look current“. “Accessories are predominant as well. And jewelry will always add a nice touch. Finally, a great handbag remains one of the key statement pieces for the business woman“.

Here are a few inspiration looks on how to wear 2017 fall trends, from brands carried by L’Essentiel.

fall trendsBy Amina Rubinacci

fall trends Tonet

fall trendsEdward Achour

fall trendsLiviana Conti

fall trendsLuisa Cerano

fall trendsIris Setlakwe


fall trendsFabiana Filippi

fall trendsTonet


Find everything you need — or almost — all in one place. Once you’ve tried it, you will want to return, trust me. From out-of-town? When you make plans to come to Montreal, fix an appointment ahead of time. To make sure you get a chance to try this luxurious shopping experience!

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