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How To Choose The Perfect Lipstick Match for You

I remember when I was young watching my mom apply her fire red Revlon lipstick every time we would go out somewhere. Grocery shopping, night out, going to work, she would always look put together with her beautiful red lips.

Could that explain why I’m such a fan of lipsticks today?! There is something very feminine about wearing lipstick. I love playing with colors! It brightens up your face and gives you a beautiful glow. A simple natural makeup can be transformed into a chic and elegant look in a spilt of a time just by adding a pop of red!

With Christmas parties right around the corner, I was inspired to share with you some basic rules to help you find the perfect lipstick match for you.

Analyse Your Morphology

We weren’t all born with Angelina Jolie iconic lips! When choosing a lipstick it’s important to take in consideration your morphology which is the shape of your mouth. If you have small fine lips, matte lipsticks should be avoided. Indeed, matte lipsticks have a drier feel, can crack or flake, and don’t reflect light which can age or harden a face. If you want to create more volume and emphasize your lip shape, try to look for creamy, glossy textures. With full lips, you have quite a few options. Lip liner is optional, and you might want to avoid plumping glosses.

Lips Change Over Time

We don’t have the same mouth at 20 and at 50. Nude colors, although very much in style, are not suited for every woman. When we are young our lips are naturally a more pinkish color. As you get older, your complexion changes and the mouth is less colorful. In that case, choose more vivid lipstick colors, like peach and pink, to help brighten up your complexion. Don’t be afraid to dare! Cherry red is beautiful at any age.

Should Your Lipstick Match Your Hair Color

A question I often get asked in my makeup sessions is “Are there lipstick shades that work best on blondes or brunettes?” Women nowadays change hair color very often, adding highlights or darkening their natural hair, which distorts the notion of “true” hair color. I would say it’s more a question of balance and what you like on yourself. If you are a true blond, most likely you have fair skin and a little pink on your face. If so, pale pink, apricot hues, peach and cherry for the evening will suit you best. When you go to choose a red lipstick, focus more toward deep-bluish reds to complement your skin tone. Also, you want to hide any redness in your complexion with concealer.

Medium to dark skin tones can afford more eccentricity. For your skin tone, lip colors in warm shades like beige, brown and mauve will look best. Why not dare a plum, raspberry or dark red. I think today lipstick should be seen as an accessory that you select according to your clothing style. Playing with color can be great fun, and it’s a way to express your own personality.

Tip: Focus on balance. If you are using dark colors on the eyes then play with light colors on the mouth and vice versa.

From Day to Night

You probably think this rule is obsolete, but it’s not quite the case. You should adapt the lip color you wear during the day and the one you wear in the evening. Most vivid shades are very well tolerated in the day, but it’s important to intensify the color when night comes. Unless you are in the middle of summer, the places where you go at night offer artificial light and — just like a professional shooting — the mouth is erased and the color fades. So do not be afraid to layer a little more lipstick when you’re getting ready for a night out and reach for a darker tone.

Going out with colleagues after work? Quick tip: Try simply re-curling your lashes and adding a stronger lip color. It’s chic, effortless, and will brighten up tired eyes.

With or Without Pencil

Unless your lips are very well defined and of good proportion, I always recommend to line the lips with a pencil before applying lipstick. This will help your lipstick last longer and also prevent it from bleeding. If you don’t want to invest in many lip pencils, choosing a neutral shade is a good alternative. You can combine it with most lipstick colors even if you put a darker shade over it.

Make sure your lip pencil is sharpened and of fairly firm texture in order to clearly define and draw across the small lines around the mouth. Lightly fill in the rest of your mouth with your pencil. Then add your favorite gloss or lipstick over it.

Renowned makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin once wrote “The mouth is an immediate attention getter and the effect lipstick can have on creating the right mood is amazing!” and I couldn’t agree more. Don’t be afraid to play with different lip shades and most of all, have fun!

Mel xx

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