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patterned tights at work
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How To Wear Patterned Tights At Work

Transform a Simple Outfit

As we make our way through winter, it’s nice to have a few tricks up our sleeves to vary our looks. Some of you may tend to exclude wearing patterned tights at work, with the fear of looking too chic or extravagant. Yet this is one of the nice affordable ways to give a new sharp look to some of your simpler outfits.

We all have white tops and grey or black skirts that we mix and match, e.g. the more conservative outfits. These are the kits, along with the monochrome ones, that are your best bet to match with patterned tights at work — to stick with a classic professional image. Other more daring mixes — wearing patterned tights with a print skirt or dress — are harder to harmonize and may not be as appropriate for the workplace.

patterned tights at work

Pattern Styles and Thickness

Depending on your style mood of the day, and your business agenda, you can choose to wear patterned tights that will make your outfit look more casual or more chic. Thicker more opaque tights — like the ones above — remove some of the ‘chicness’ of an outfit. The same look would have come out as more formal and chic, had it been worn with sheer fishnet tights for example.

patterned tights at work

Shoe Style Matters

As a general rule, ‘heavier’ looking patterned tights (opaque and thick) require a ‘heavier’ shoe style. In other words, the two previous outfits would not look quite right worn with stilettos. Stilettos definitely belong in the more delicate shoe style category because of their thin heel and pointed toe. Whereas a ‘heavier’ shoe will have a round or squared toe, chunky heel, and/or platform sole.

patterned tights at work

In this picture above, the lighter style tights — showing off a lot of skin — work well with stilettos. I also wanted to show you how playing with different types of shoes, or in this case, wearing ankle boots instead of stilettos, can transform the style of an outfit. When in the mood to look less conservative, I totally love to wear these boots with this outfit!

patterned tights at work

So the next time you’re shopping and find yourself in front of the socks, hosiery and tights department, do not resist. Buy patterned tights you like to mix and match with your work outfits. Experiment with your own personal flair!

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