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Little Black Book — A Go-To Guide For The Working Woman

I compare The Little Black Book A Toolkit For Working Women, to a small « dictionary » for the working woman. As it aims to provide answers to a wide variety of questions working women may have. Without going into a great level of detail.

Who’s behind the Little Black Book

The book was written by writer and young entrepreneur (she’s only 27) Otegha Uwagba. She felt like sharing some of her experiences, having recently gone through a major career shift. You may know of her if you’ve heard about WomenWho.co. A platform she created for a London-based community, to offer creative working women a place where they can find advice, tools and support.

Type of topics covered

The Little Black Book covers a whole array of questions the working woman may have. Giving advice on how to manage your money, ways to be more productive and how to build your own brand. While not forgetting to keep your mind and body on track. The author also provides practical advice. Such as for example a series of Websites that offer free and paid online classes for those looking to add new skills to their background. I personally took note of a couple which I intend to investigate further.

Moreover, I found her two chapters on how to give a good presentation or sales pitch, and how to develop the “art of graceful networking” to be quite effective. Otegha literally teaches in each case the ABC’s of what to do and what not to do. A couple interesting quotes from these chapters.

Being an effective saleswoman — of your work, of your ideas and of yourself — is one of the most useful skills you can cultivate, which means mastering the art of giving convincing presentations.

The best networkers are genuinely interested in other people’s projects and problems, and not just what they can get out of a given situation.

Why you should read it

This handy pocket-size book is full of practical advice. Even though it is just 115 pages long, it succeeds in providing just enough information on each topic. Allowing you to manoeuvre in just about any situation.

Younger women should love it. More experienced women may think they’ve heard some of this stuff before. BUT, having all that useful advice in one place, makes the Little Black Book quite the perfect guide for every working woman!

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