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Mix These Fall Fashion Trends with Your Workwear to Look Sharp and Feel Beautiful

This post is sponsored by L’ESSENTIEL par MF.

With fall season slowly moving in comes the fun of wearing some of my favorite outfits. Soft, warm, comfy sweaters, jeans and ankle boots. As for my business attire, I like to spice it up by going through fall fashion trends, and selecting the few that can be mixed-in with my work clothes.

Always having in mind to build business appropriate outfits, that have that “je ne sais quoi” touch of style.

This time I was lucky to be able to do the exercise with founder and owner of the boutique L’Essentiel par MF, Marie-France Tremblay.

Fashion Brainstorming with L’Essentiel par MF

L’Essentiel caters to women looking for high-end quality and fashion-trendy clothes. Whether it’s for chic business attire or casual wear.

Concentrating on one client at a time, Marie-France is able to provide personalized style advice, with a choice of over 20 different brands in her store. All this taking place in a beautiful loft-style private-setting boutique. Making it a unique shopping experience.

Our “fashion brainstorming” took place at L’Essentiel’s new address (see bottom for details), where Marie-France introduced me to this fall’s exciting and latest fashion trends — with her numerous, and in many cases exclusive collections.

Continue reading to find out how incorporating this fall’s trends into your workwear outfits can be made easy with this walk through!

First, let’s talk a bit about this year’s fall fashion trends in general.

Fall Fashion Colors

Lots of rich and contrasted colors to choose from this season. Forget about black and greys, and experiment with these colors:

  • Red:  both deep and bright “poppy” reds
  • Blue:  many shades of blue, especially blue-greens and dark blues
  • Green:  warm olive greens and urban greens
  • Plum
  • Orange: burned orange
  • Violet
  • Light Grey
  • White
  • Almond Camel

Fall Fashion Prints, Fabrics & Styles

The best words to describe this fall’s fashion are femininity and modernity. A perfect combination for the strong woman!

Prints and Fabrics

  • Plaid, Herringbone, Tweed and Houndstooth patterns
  • Velvet and Corduroy
  • Flower prints
  • Animal prints
  • Leather
  • Faux fur
  • High shine sparkled dresses and pants


  • Power pantsuits
  • Long tailored and double-breasted blazers
  • Midi skirts
  • Turtlenecks
  • Assertive shoulders
  • Bows
  • Monochrome looks
  • Belt worn over a blazer, dress or skirt
  • Scarves: Colorful printed silk or more casual
  • Large oversized coats


Marie-France shares with us her advice on how to inject a modern touch into our work wardrobe.

How to look the part, without sacrificing the stylish and gorgeous feel.

With so many amazing pictures to choose from, here are the few we selected to inspire you to create your own “in-style looks”.

Houndstooth – by Amina Rubinacci

fall fashion

Tip: Turtlenecks can be worn under a blouse for a comfort/casual-chic look.
Notice how the blouse and pantsuit’s patterns complement each other.

Midi Skirt – by Piazza Sempione

fall fashion

Tip: Midi skirts are so feminine and ideal for the woman looking for business appropriate attire.
Do not hesitate to blend contrasting colors, it’s really trendy right now.

Belt Over Blazer – by Seventy

fall fashion

Tip: Wearing a belt over your blazer is an easy trick you can use to make a statement this fall.
As shown here, the blazer doesn’t need to be fitted to get the right look.

Velvet – by Amina Rubinacci

fall fashion

Tip: In many work environments, velvet pants are totally appropriate, as long as the rest of your outfit is conservative, as is the case here.

Contrasting Colors – by Set

fall fashion

Tip: This combination of contrasting colors and patterns, with the added touch of a scarf, is a perfect look for the fashion savvy woman working in a less formal dresscode environment.

Plaid Pantsuit – by Riani

fall fashion

Tip: Worn with a formal silk white blouse and black or grey heels, this pantsuit becomes a chic work outfit alternative.

Bow-Tied Neck Blouse – by Edouard Achour

fall fashion

Tip: For a dressier look, wear a bow-tied neck blouse with a skirt. On the other hand, you can downplay the look by combining it with a conservative classic-cut pant, and by pairing back on jewelry.

Flower Prints – by Nadya Toto

fall fashion

Tip: If your flower pattern is a bit flashy, wear it with a blazer. It becomes the perfect day-to-night combo for the professional woman!

Corduroy – by Fabiana Filippi

fall fashion

Tip: This is a versatile  pantsuit. Use accessories like shoes and jewelry to turn it into a more casual or more work-appropriate outfit. For the latter, I would add heels, a classic white buttoned-down or high-neck shirt, and mid-size earrings.


Mixed Trendy Patterns – by Amina Rubinacci

fall fashion

Green Look – by Luisa Cerano

fall fashion

Monochromatic Look – by Fabiana Filippi

fall fashion

Leather Leggings – by Lorena Antoniazzi

fall fashion


As you can see there are lots of trends to choose from to freshen-up your professional attire.

Once you have a few classic-cut skirts, pants and blazers, you have a good base to build a variety of work outfits.

“It simply becomes a matter of adding a couple new pieces to your collection, and mixing and matching the old with the new”, suggests Marie-France.

Whether you decide to play with colors, patterns, or accessories, is for you to decide.

As long as you stay true to your personal style and avoid becoming a fashion victim. Tip on how to avoid this? Only wear trends that flatter you, and do not wear too much fashion at once.

Fashion should only be used as a precious tool to make you feel confident in your everyday active life!

L’Essentiel’s new address is 5524 Saint-Patrick, suite 430, Montreal. To make an appointment with Marie-France, call 514-206-4854.

What do you think about these  fashion trends? Like or don’t like? Tell us below!

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