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your boss always late
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Is your boss always late for your meetings?

Is your boss always late? This a real case where some employees complain about the fact that they systematically end up waiting for their boss each time she has called for a meeting – Should they address this with her? Yes they should. Here’s how I see it.

And we are talking about being late by a lot more than just a couple of minutes. On top of that, most of the time this manager in question does not even bother to write to her employees to inform them of her change of schedule. Or if she does, it will be way after the fact.

ANALYSIS:  I definitely believe this situation deserves to be addressed because this conduct is so obviously unprofessional.

Obviously this manager has a very busy schedule. She certainly has not taken the time to think about the effect this bad habit can have on her team over time. And it’s natural for the employees to react to this sort of situation by simply accumulating the frustration. We tend to do nothing about the problem because after all “she’s the boss, so we can’t really say anything”. However, I believe that we could be surprised of the contrary! A LOT OF THINGS CAN BE TOLD TO SOMEONE – EVEN WHEN IT’S TO OUR BOSS – IT’S ALL IN THE WAY WE SAY IT. I do agree though that depending on the manager’s personality, you may want to strategize a bit as to how you will approach your boss in order to maximize your chances of success.

MY ADVICE: Address the subject with her when you are totally “zen”! Don’t do it when you are emotional or frustrated.

  • The conversation needs to be done one on one.
  • If your colleagues have mentioned the same frustration, the person who is most comfortable with your boss and has the most trustworthy working relationship with her should be the one who will address the subject.
  • Do not meet her just to talk about this mattter. Keep it as your last subject on the list when you meet about your work related files.
  • It’s important to wait for the right timing, be patient.
  • Here are some ideas of what you could say:
    1. (With a smile) Tell her you are sure she doesn’t realise it but it would help a great deal and allow you to better manage your own schedule (and your teammates’) if she could notify you when she sees that she will be running late. 2. Because you sometimes also have other meetings that get affected by these delays… 3. You could even be more specific by suggesting this – “Seeing that you’re schedule is really tight and that you are often caught in one meeting after another, how about we agree that you systematically call me when you are ready for the meeting to start? It will help me prevent losing my time waiting in the meeting room wondering if you are about to arrive. That way I can be more efficient by continuing to work until you’re available.”

So if your boss is always late, the concept is to make her participate in finding a solution with you. Remember that we all have bad habits and it’s not feasible to correct them over night. So be patient and work at it with your boss. The important thing is to address it with her in a positive way.

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