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Hair conditioners product review

Natural Hair Conditioners – Tried and Tested

I’ve been looking for the perfect hair conditioner for a long time. THE ONE hair conditioner I would fall in love with and renew over and over. So I decided I needed to invest serious time and devotion to find it. As I’ve been curious to discover more about natural products lately, I decided to concentrate mostly on natural hair conditioners. Hoping that on top of meeting all my criteria, that perfect hair conditioner would also be healthy.

What I look for in a conditioner?

  • First, good hydration. When detangling, my comb must go smoothly through my wet hair so I don’t feel like I’m breaking too many strands. This is very important to me since I don’t have a whole lot of hair to start with. Plus, on weekly mornings I’m always running to get ready to go to work. So every little step has to go fast and easy!
  • Second, I want my hair to be easily manageable, so hydration is good, but not to the point it leaves my hair dull.
  • Third, my hair should feel soft and shiny once it’s dry.
  • Fourth, the smell should be light, fresh and not too flowery.

The best products I had found before this test were the hydrating masks — also called deep conditioners. But these products are normally quite expensive for the quantity you get. Plus they’re ment to be left in your hair for a few minutes to produce best results. So all in all, not that convenient for me to use on a regular basis.

I don’t have a lot of hair but I would describe its thickness as medium to coarse and rather frizzy. With the regular highlights, and the heat from styling and various irons, I’ve been finding my hair really dry. So I chose to buy natural hair conditioners that were first and foremost hydrating.

My Natural Hair Conditioners Review

Live Clean

natural hair conditioners

Live Clean Hydrating Conditioner in Fresh Water Scent ($8.50/$6.60US, 350 ml): I found this conditioner at my local drugstore (Pharmaprix/Shoppers Drug Mart) and was quite surprised of its quality. Asides from being very affordable for a 96% plant derived product, it provides good moisturizing and makes detangling my hair pretty easy. The smell is also pleasant. Essentially, this Live clean conditioner offers excellent value for money. (Also available on Amazon.com)


natural hair conditioners

Briogeo Rosarco Milk, Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray ($26.00/$20.00US, 147 ml):
The Rosarco Milk is a spray you use on wet hair before styling. It is 6 ingredient-free hair care and 96% naturally derived. Since it’s very light, I use up to 10 sprays on each side of my head and it doesn’t weigh my hair down. The standard conditioner phase after shampoo is still required for me though. I like this product as an add-on to help detangle my hair and as a heat styling protecter. The name Rosarco comes from a blend of roship, argan and coconut oils, which provide for a nice and light smell. Reviews on the Web are excellent. However I realize that it’s not the right product for what I was looking for as I cannot rely solely on it. (Also available at Sephora)


natural hair conditioners

Phytobaume Hydration Express Conditioner, Normal to Dry Hair ($29.00/$26.00US, 150 ml):
I had read good reviews about this hydrating conditioner, so my expectations were high. I loved the fact that I could simply buy it at my local Pharmaprix (Shoppers Drug Mart) and that it was 75% derived from natural ingredients. However, this conditioner really doesn’t do the job on my hair. Even if I use a lot, it just doesn’t help detangle or hydrate my hair at all. It ends up feeling dry, coarse and heavy. I’ve tried it with different shampoos to see if it would make a difference, but to no avail. Too bad because I loved the smell.

John Masters Haircare

natural hair conditioners

John Masters Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner ($36.50/$22.00US, 207 ml):
My favorite! Certified as containing 71% organic ingredients, this Lavender and Avocado conditioner is really great. It’s so hydrating! They recommend to leave it in your hair for 1-5 minutes. But I just apply and wash off, and my comb still goes smoothly through my hair. I don’t feel like I’m breaking my strands while detangling. My hair is left beautifully soft and shiny. The herbal scent of lavender is amazing too. This conditioner is perfect if you’re looking for intense hydration, want to get rid of frizz and like to style your hair straight. If on the other hand you want your hair to be easily manageable in order to style it with lots of movement and curls, this may not be the best product.

Morroccanoil (not certified natural)

natural hair conditioners

Morrocanoil Extra Volume Conditioner for Fine Hair ($29.00/$25.00US, 250 ml):
While it is not certified organic, it is paraben, sulfate and phosphate free. I had been wanting to try this line for some time and bought this particular conditioner before I decided to make the test with natural conditioners. So I decided to cheat and include it in my review since it is one of my favorites. It’s got a nice coconut smell that’s not too strong. Made with argan oil, it gently detangles my hair, yet gives it body. My hair is left soft and hydrated. This is the perfect conditioner if you want volume and like giving more definition to your hair. (Also available at Nordstrom/The larger size shown above is sold for $50.00CA)

In conclusion, the John Masters and Moroccanoil conditioners have both become favorites of mine. When I’m in the mood to wear my hair straight I use the John Masters Lavender and Avocado intensive conditioner, and the Moroccanoil Extra Volume conditioner is my go to choice when I want to give more movement to my hair.

I hope this helps you find your own best natural hair conditioners! Have you tried these products before?
Any other great favorite of yours you would like to share? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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