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office christmas party part 2
Office Etiquette

Office Christmas Party – Part 2

We all know the expression ‘the morning after’ right?…That feeling you get when you wake up the next morning and start thinking… “did I mess up last night…?”

Well the office Christmas party has got some potential for these ‘morning-after’ second thoughts.

So for a no regret morning after, here are my TOP 5 RULES TO ABIDE BY:

“I shall limit how many I will consume…”

“I shall avoid subjects like religion and sex AND making jokes about colleagues or my boss that are not really funny!”

“I shall enjoy the dance floor and good music without going overboard – e.g. I do not need to show off the moves I learned in my pole dancing class…”

“I shall aim for people to remember that I looked lovely and NOT that I had the most plunging neckline of the bunch.”

“I shall hop into one to return home.”

Enjoy the party!

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