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pimple solution

Oh Nooo…Not Now! Pimple Solution To The Rescue

You suddenly notice a pimple is starting to show…It’s a bad timing since you have an important meeting tomorrow, or you’re attending a conference or giving a presentation. Or, it just may be an ordinary day but you still want to get rid of IT. You need a fast and easy pimple solution!

I can certainly relate because I do find myself in this situation once in a while.  I have very sensitive skin. And sometimes, after trying on a new cream for example — that I will realise is not made for me — my skin will break out.

My Two Part Pimple Solution:


pimple solution

SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense to the rescue!

As soon as possible put a tiny drop of this liquid on it — let it penetrate. Put some at night before you go to bed. You should already see an improvement in the morning. Apply some again as you wake up to let it dry before you put on your cream and makeup.

Where to find it:
SkinCeuticals products are available in advanced clinical spas, with dermatologists and online. I first found it at my dermatologist. And then bought it in travel size samples on Amazon.com for 30 $US. On SkinCeuticals’ Website, it’s available for a larger size (30 ml) size for $90 US. This size is expensive but will last you forever!


To hide it, I start with my regular routine. Which means I put on my CC cream by La Roche-Posay and then put a little dab of my concealer to hide the pimple some more, using a q-tip. Chose a concealer that’s got a thick texture and is as close to your skin color as possible. Some concealers are more yellowish to offset blue spots so they won’t work as well to hide red spots.

You have another miracle product you like to use? Share your secret with us. I would love to hear about it!

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