Hey TALENTED WOMAN! Are you looking for ways to make your WORK LIFE more FULFILLING?
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Office Etiquette

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At work you want to be viewed as FEMININE/ELEGANT, not FEMININE/SEXY…

When you wear a button front shirt, button it up so that people won’t be able to see your boobs or bra. Check yourself sideways in the mirror before you leave in the morning to make sure that anybody sitting beside you in a meeting for example won’t see anything either.

Also refrain from wearing any kind of plunging neckline that lets your boobs show! Women colleagues do not want to see your boobs and while men may… this is not the way to go if you want to get their respect and, if you want to go up the ladder.

This does not mean you cannot look feminine at work, it means you should choose elegance over sexy. In other words, the idea is that we need to help men in the workplace so that they will be able to listen to what women have to say instead of looking at women and thinking of something else…

Send me your real-life cases so we can share solutions for a better workplace for all to enjoy and thrive in!

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