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working moms are great assets to companies
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Reasons why working moms are great assets to companies

I started to think about the challenges working moms face on a day-to-day basis, and realized they need quite a few abilities to maneuver both the day job and the job at home. Then I took a look at how these abilities translate in the workplace and thought, there is no wonder working moms are great assets to companies.

Working 2 full-time jobs

First of all, working 2 full-time jobs — which is basically what working moms do — requires a lot of organization and discipline. Because they simply can’t afford to waste any time.

It is true that men of younger generations are now participating more with home tasks and care for children. However, on average, women still shoulder more responsibilities at home (and sometimes a lot more), says Statistics Canada.

That’s why I’ve always admired working moms. Often wondering how I would have coped with raising kids while working. Watching my sister and my friends, having barely a minute for themselves. Would I have had the energy level required? I guess you moms would tell me you simply don’t have time to think about it or analyze too much. You just do it!

A perfect example I find, of similar situations we see at work. Often times you will be faced with a new challenge or new responsibilities. Your first thought is ‘But I haven’t done this in the past, I’m not sure how I can do this.’ Then your boss confirms you’re in charge. So, no choice, you go ahead and find a way to deliver. And sure enough, you probably even manage to do the job quite well. As we’re often told, and come to learn with experiences, taking on new challenges is the best way to develop and grow.

Why working moms are great assets to companies

Now aside from being organized and disciplined, working moms are brought to develop many other traits and abilities which companies look for when hiring. Soft skills probably matter as much as qualifications and experience.

The 6 most obvious abilities (but there may be more…)

Leader of the house. Moms often manage most priorities regarding their kids’ needs and house shores. Which entails often having to find solutions. Therefore making moms resourceful employees at work.

Flexibility. Raising kids brings its fair share of surprises. Moms have no choice but to learn to adapt to change. Employees who are flexible and ready to take on tasks that are not necessarily part of their job description have more value to an employer.

Compassion – Good listener. By caring for their children, moms learn to put themselves second, to be sensitive to others’ needs and feelings. As I mentioned in this earlier post, the stronger your emotional intelligence, the more likely you are to have success at work. More compassionate people make for a better work environment. Where relationships between colleagues and with clients are of higher quality.

Multitasker. Working moms end up coordinating and managing multiple projects and activities in their lives. So having to handle multiple projects at work will not unsettle them.

Determination. Moms cannot abandon their role. They must deal with any problems, as they arise. Being determined, means you will work till the end, until you reach your goal. An employee who does not give up is definitely valuable.

Decisiveness. Moms naturally learn to become decisive, as they often find themselves in situations where action needs to be taken. This is a great personality trait to have when you’re a manager. Plus, companies will appreciate an employee who is not afraid to take a stand and act.

So those are my thoughts. I hope I’ve convinced you that working moms are great assets to companies. And to all you amazing working moms out there, please use this as a boost to help you reach a confidence level at work that’s worthy of your talents!

I would love to hear what you working moms have to say about this post. Do you agree with me?
I’m sure you must have tons of ideas and examples that come to your mind. Please share them with me below!

Martha xx

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