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Review of “The Untethered Soul” a book by Michael Singer

A close girlfriend of mine introduced me to the author Michael Singer. I was going through a period of “angst”, worrying about everything, a bad day at the office, a love relationship gone wrong, a friendship not quite right.

She sent me a podcast from Oprah’s “SuperSoul Conversations”, called “Free Yourself from Negative Thoughts”with Michael Singer – knowing it would help relieve anxiety, and provide perspective.

I listened to the podcast twice the first time, and each time I lay awake at night, thinking about something that happened to me during the work day, I’d pick up my iPhone and my ear buds and listen to it again. Relief provided, I’d finally fall asleep.

Finally, ever more curious, inspired, and blown away by Michael’s incredible ability to break down our “minds” thoughts and provide solace, I ordered his book “The Untethered Soul”.

On the book mark when my copy of Michael Singer’s book showed up, were inscribed the words “The mind can be a dangerous place, or a great gift.”

These words could not be truer, and as I have continued to read, and reread the book, I have discovered that to me, it’s a kind of modern day Bible.

I have had friends ask me to borrow it, and each time I suggest they purchase a copy for themselves – and they do. It’s a very personal thing, one that continues to provide enlightenment, and one that I would highly recommend you read and own for yourself.

In the book, Michael explores the voice that’s in your head, constantly nattering away, and which can be quite judgmental, your worst – and everyone else’s worst critic. You long for this voice to stop, so you can get some rest or some peace, but sometimes it never does.

Michael shows us that the best way to stop it is to view our thoughts objectively; that they are separate from you.

He maintains we are narrating the entire world around us, but only what we want – so that we can recreate our outside inside of ourselves.

I guess, in a way, to make sense of everything, but this can also be a very painful ordeal, as we constantly rehash a conversation with a colleague, client or boss or friends, that might not have gone well.

Whom is this serving? How is this helping, asks Michael? We need to let those negative thoughts go. Acknowledge them, and then let them go. Breathe.

He draws on the Buddhist, Hindu Atmin and Judeo-Christian doctrines that suggest that beyond all form, you are there. And, once you are aware that you’re aware, you are conscious.

Understanding that you are separate from your thoughts he says, is the beginning to the path of true enlightenment.

Michael also speaks about energy, and how we block it, how to open it again and harness it. How to let situations go and how to free yourself so that you can stay open.

From probing “The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart”, teaching us how to cleanse ourselves of blockages to let go and restoring energy, to removing our “Inner Thorns”, and finding the “Path of Unconditional Happiness”, Michael Singer’s book goes beyond the typical tomb of “self help”, to resemble more of a powerful guide to spiritual growth – and one that will help you live a better and truer life. Whether that’s at the office, with colleagues, or in your own heart, at home.

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Rachel Connell is an advertising director and writer, living in Toronto, Ontario. With over 18 years of working experience across cultural norms in both South East Asia and North America, she contributes to Martha's workshop and brings us her unique perspective.

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