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some subjects require personal communication
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Some Subjects Require Personal Communication

Salary and bonuses are such important topics for employees. When not understood correctly, changes to their compensation plan can easily make them feel insecure and have a sense that the company does not consider them with the right level of respect.

I like this quote which I took out of an article found on hrcouncil.ca:

When employees have a good understanding of their compensation plan they are more confident that they are being paid fairly – which results in greater motivation and retention.

So using the right means of communication is key!

Don’t forget the personal communication phase. When compensation changes are being implemented, companies often use e-mails as a means of communication. It presents the advantage of allowing to transmit the same message to all affected employees.

However, I strongly believe that if there is no personal form of communication done by managers, it sort of sends a message to employees that they are a “number”. You know…like the company (HR and managers) forgets that there are human beings behind the employee’s name…So managers absolutely should communicate the changes through meetings with their respective teams — Allowing them to address employees’ questions and concerns. Ideally, both types of communications should take place at about the same time.  Employees AND the company will win by taking this approach.

So even if things are just going too fast…and we sometimes feel like we don’t have the time…and even if we are all getting used to communicating more and more through electronic messages…let’s not forget the human aspect in our work environment. KEEP THE HUMAN TOUCH GOING!

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