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switch your wardrobe to fall
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Time to switch your wardrobe to fall

It’s already time to switch your wardrobe to fall! A season I love! You get to wear your booties, comfortable sweaters, leather coats and light scarves… Some of my favorite kind of looks. Now, when comes time to switching your wardrobe, there are a few tricks you can follow to make the best of what you already have. Helping you make the right decisions on which items should be discarded and which ones you should keep. This way you’ll be able to create a shopping list for what you truly need.

  • You feel like some of your items are not “in fashion” anymore? Or are you simply bored of wearing them ?

    Don’t give those items away too quickly ! Many pieces, especially jackets, are normally worth keeping even if the cut is not quite in vogue right now. You can either “recycle” it by wearing it in a sportier way, with jeans for example. Or, keep it out of your view for a year or 2. It may very well come “in vogue” again. And you’ll be happy you kept it!  I just took out a couple of tweed jackets that I didn’t wear for a few seasons. And now they’re IN again. I’m wearing them as “sport chic” for my casual Friday looks and on weekends. They make a great addition to my wardrobe.

  • Your body changed and the fit is not quite right?

    Even if the item in question is really nice and has cost you a lot of money, if the cut and the fit is not right on you, it will never look sharp. 
    Invest a little time in finding a good seamstress. There may be room to make some adjustment to your jacket or the size of your pants. It will cost you very little money compared to what you would have to pay for new clothes and you can save your money for some “coup de coeur” item you’ll have seen in the stores! Of course if the piece is just too small or just doesn’t fit you anymore, you are better off getting rid of it.
  • As you organise your clothes, think about how you can mix and match them together

    to build a few different outfits for the office. You’ll be happy to have a few pre-determined kits for those mornings you’re running out of time to get to work. This exercise will also allow you to notice what pieces are missing in order to complete your outfits to your taste.

  • Make sure you switch your wardrobe to fall BEFORE you start shopping.

    It’s always tempting to buy a couple of items as soon as the new merchandise starts showing up in the stores. But if you have a limited budget, it’s a good idea to first complete the wardrobe switching exercise. That way you’ll be able to go shopping with your list in hand.  Helping you keep the focus on buying the things you really need. This way you can create or complete a couple more outfits for work, instead of taking the risk of adding clothes that won’t necessarily fit well with anything you have. Of course a little splurge is allowed as well!


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