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Tips to transition your looks from winter to spring...

Tips to transition your looks from winter to spring…

With March comes the time to slowly transition your workwear into spring mode. Even though you will still be wearing your winter clothes, THESE FEW SIMPLE TRICKS WILL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’VE RENEWED SOME OF YOUR WINTER LOOKS!

  • As of March 1st, no more velvet!
  • As March progresses switch opaque black tights for lighter opaque colors or nylon stockings.
  • Around mid-March stop wearing heavier wool fabrics like tweed.
  • As warmer days start showing up, wear lighter tops like a white slim-fitting t-shirt under your jacket.
  • Start wearing some pastel colors with you skirts and pants – Like this light pink Ralph Lauren shirt you’ll find at Hudson’s Bay or this nice light peach one made of silk from Equipment.
  • March is a great month to finally wear your wool short sleeve tops without freezing…
  • And finally, on casual Fridays, roll your jacket sleeves to a three quarter length.

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