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travel beauty essentials

Travel Beauty Essentials For Women On The Go

Business travelers, weekenders, beach lovers? What to bring in your makeup kit when you travel? You want to keep it light because space is limited in your suitcase, yet you want to look your best. What to choose and how to optimize your makeup kit? I’ve compiled a list of travel beauty essentials for you ladies that will keep you feeling fresh and looking good while you’re on the go.

Bronzer-blush duo

Love a good bronzer! Reverse your dull complexion into a beautiful summer glow with just a few strokes. Accentuate the crease of your eyes, define your cheekbones and enhance that bronzed look. A bronzer combines 3 steps in one, making this a definite must-have in your travel kit. I am a big fan of the Nars Blush/Bronzer Duo in Orgasm and Laguna. Warms up my complexion and gives it a healthy glow. The minimal flat packaging carries very well in my makeup travel bag and makes it one of my absolute must haves on my list of travel beauty essentials.

Pores no more

Train, bus or plane, limited air circulation and high altitude are never a great recipe for your complexion. An effective makeup primer mattifies shine and minimizes the look of pores. I’ve recently discovered the Pores No More Pore Refiner Primer from Dr. Brandt. I tend to have very oily skin during the warmer months and after flying. This primer absorbs oil and has a hint a color which covers small imperfections. I purchased a mini 15 ml (0.5 fl. Oz) bottle to try it out. Tip: mini sizes are perfect for trial and travel!

Minimizes the look of pores when you travel

Pore refiner primer


Sleep deprived because you’ve been traveling and working for so many hours? Concealer is your best friend. Touch-up the under eye area with a few dots of concealer. Voilà! You’ll look more awake and refreshed instantly. How to apply? Follow my V shape technique.


Go for the basics and most used: a blush brush, an angled eyeliner brush also practical to define your eyebrows and a beauty blender for your liquid makeup application. Don’t forget, there is always the good old fashioned finger tips technique, which does a very good job as well. Check out Makeup Brushes 101 for tips on how to use them.

Cleansing Wipes

They are very easy to carry and remove dirt and makeup easily without having to carry your entire skin care collection. Travel packs or individually wrapped towelettes can be found in most drugstores or purchased online at amazon.ca.

Face sunscreen

If your destination includes warm, sunny days, don’t forget to protect your face with sunscreen.

Retractable liners

You are probably wondering why I choose them over regular liners for my travels. These pencils are fast to apply and don’t require a sharpener. The plastic packaging also allows for waterproof formulas that I appreciate when traveling because of the long-lasting staying power. There is nothing more frustrating than being in a rush and having the tip of your crayon brake. With retractables liners you can avoid this mishap.

Day-to-night lipsticks

Make sure you always carry with you a neutral shade for the day and a more intense color if you feel like revamping your evening look. You’ll be surprised how the change of lipstick can enhance your look and boost your confidence in just a few seconds.

Touch-up travel kit to the rescue

Flight changes, last minute invitation to a dinner party, hot date… Because you never know what surprises might pop up in your busy schedule, sometimes, there is just no time to head back to the hotel. My suggestion: Carry with you a touch-up kit at all times. Includes:

  • Beauty Amplifier Spray: refresh, restore and hydrate the skin with just a few spritz.
  • Eyeliner: define and enhance those beautiful eyes. Feeling a little wild? Use your angled brush to extend your liner and create a beautiful cat eye.
  • Bronzer: reverse a dull complexion into glowing skin.
  • Lipstick or gloss: flattering lipstick will make you feel elegant and beautiful all day long. You can find my favorite drugstore long-lasting lipstick here.
Sephora Beauty Amplifier - Set and refresh skin when you travel

Sephora Beauty Amplifier

Any travel-friendly beauty tips to share? Comment below.

Happy beautiful travels!
Mel xx

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