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Which Colors Match With Red Pants

Red pants are IN this summer. And I’ve discovered quite a liking for it!

For me, summer always brings the desire to wear lots of light and bright colors. I need the change from the dark and neutral colors I’ve worn all winter long.

But I actually think it’s the first time in my life I’ve bought red pants. And when I bought them at first (they’re from Zara) I expected to be limited to wearing them with mostly white tops. Thinking it would be a hard color to match.

However these pants are becoming my go to item each time I feel like being a little creative. As I’m discovering that there are many fun ways to wear them. And depending on the top you choose, red pants can easily be work appropriate. In fact they provide a nice refreshing alternative to the more conservative outfits we are used to seeing in the workplace.

You can best match your red pants with a variety of blue tones—including printed styles—some pinks, black, and of course white will always look nice and crisp with red. You’ll find examples of these in the six looks below.

Additional color options

  • Pastel pink or what I call a ‘baby pink’
  • Light blue
  • Black or white lace
  • Ecru
  • Orange – ideally in a light see-through silk texture.

red pants


red pants


red pants


red pants


red pants

red pants


Dare and enjoy!Martha Morrice signature


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  1. Nathalie

    Love Love Love the last outfit!!! Totally a must??

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