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Why not be younger next year?
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Why not be younger next year?

Younger Next Year for Women had a great influence on me. It struck a chord and gave me the will to start a serious workout program and develop healthier eating habits.

It is skillfully written by Chris Crowley (an ex litigator in Manhattan) and Henry S. Lodge, M.D. (an internist in New York city). This interesting patient and doctor duo provides a perfect blend of practicle advice and medical science knowledge.

First – they develop on the importance of exercise and training. Secondly  they introduce good nutrition and how they hate the concept of diets! Thirdly – they end with the need for connecting with people and investing ourselves in stimulating projects. «Connect and commit» as they say, explaining how this has a direct link to our health and longevity.

Here’s an inspiring quote:
«…committing to regular exercise is the foundation of positive brain chemistry, which leads directly to burning fat, heightening your immune system, improving your sleep and toning up your sexual desire and response.» 

The book is fun and easy to read. And if your first thought is that this is no news to you, well believe me you will learn interesting facts and they have clever and convincing ways of explaining and delivering their message.

Even though I read Younger Next Year for Women 3 years ago, I still recommend it to all the people I love. I even like to keep it within my sight to remind myself of all the good recommendations it contains. Don’t wait until you’re fifty to read it – you want this better way of life now!

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